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MillenniuMMinerals | Old Rocks, New Tricks
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MillenniuMMinerals | Old Rocks, New Tricks
How to Choose your Crystals Online

Finding your Crystal

Finding your crystals is not a mysterious or esoteric process. Remember picking up stones as a child? Pebbles along a trail. Stones tumbled smooth near a creek. Have you ever brought stones, shells, pinecones or other natural artifacts home from a journey to reconnect you with the experience?

When you touch your souvenir, and awaken your memories, enriched by sensations and feelings, you're tapping into the means by which you can find your crystals online: resonance.

When selecting your crystals, the universal Law of Attraction will support you. You may set a specific focus or intention for your search. Or you can approach your search spontaneously. Either way, your heart and your intuition will guide you.

Choosing your crystals is an invitation to engage your sense of wonder, and feel. Even when you're online!

The Universal Law of Attraction

The magic of finding your crystals is that of your own mystery unfolding. When you consciously acknowledge your intention, for example clarity, protection, or manifestation, you engage the Universe in co-creation. The Universe responds personally and specifically to you. You can recognize the Universe's response through attraction.

You may feel drawn to a crystal spontaneously. Attraction is a two way dynamic -- this crystal may be responding to you! Your Higher Self, or spirit guides, are guiding you to the appropriate stone for you.

Your thoughts and intentions will attract to you the crystal that's in harmony with your purpose, and beneficial to you or the person you have in mind. Trust the Law of Attraction to work for your benefit.

First Impressions

I have written this article to offer guidance for online selection of crystals, however, the following techniques work equally well when selecting crystals in person.

  • Establish in your mind who the crystal is for. Is it for you? Is it for another person?

  • Is there a purpose you want the crystal to empower? For example, meditation, manifestation, relationship, love, amusement, cleansing, grounding, protection, communication, balance, healing, past life recall, astral journeying, etc.

  • When looking for crystals online
    • Have your intent in mind
    • Allow your vision to pass over a series of crystal images and descriptions
    • Notice the images that catch your eye and descriptions that resonate with you

  • If several crystals draw your attention
    • Relax
    • Center your attention on your breath
    • Open your eyes
    • Notice the first crystal on which your vision focuses

  • If you are not certain which crystal is for you, or feel conflicted, its okay to wait! Take a break, allow your mind to clear, and return when you feel you can look at the crystals again with fresh eyes.

  • When a crystal comes to mind, or you can see a crystal in your mind's eye, your consciousness and the energy lattice of the crystal have made a connection. This is a good indication that this crystal is the crystal you seek!

Reading the Signs

Crystals, gemstones and minerals like to work with humans and we get a boost from their energy. When you connect with a crystal, you may experience a feeling of peace, enthusiasm, vibration, release, a smile, a thrill, or notice the crystal's rainbows sparkling, or sense that the crystal is hopping up and down saying "Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!".

When a crystal attracts your attention, you can see the crystal in your mind's eye, or you experience a sense of connection, your consciousness and the energy lattice of the crystal have engaged one another across time and space. This is a very reliable sign that the crystal you're sensing is the crystal you seek.

When you connect with a crystal via the Internet, the energy exchange is real ! The crystal "lights up". It has a glow, new rainbows, or other energetic signatures indicating that it is actively communicating with someone.

Connecting with your Crystal

You've received your new crystal and brought it home. Hold it. Close your eyes for a moment. Breathe.

Allow your attention to gently center and focus. Touch your crystal. How does it feel beneath your fingertips? Sense your crystal with your consciousness. What do you see? Do you hear anything? What thoughts or visions come to your awareness?

Allow your body and emotions to experience and commune with your crystal. Communicate to your crystal that you will work together in love, light, and for the good of all.

For information on cleansing, recharging, activating, and dedicating your crystals, see How to Care for your Crystals.

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Updated June 21, 2023
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