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MillenniuMMinerals | Old Rocks, New Tricks
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MillenniuMMinerals | Old Rocks, New Tricks
How to Care for your Crystals

Energy 101

In every day life, we swim through the energy fields surrounding the Earth. I call this layer of energy that we live in the "horizontal universe". Often we tap into the ambient energies of this horizontal flow as supplement or source. We may not be conscious of the quality of these "horizonal" energies. It's pretty easy to recognize their effect, though. For example, a walk on a beach may relax and refresh you. While the drive home during commute hour may leave you feeling drained and tense.

Energies that naturally nourish and sustain us are available to us in infinite supply from the "vertical universe", the cosmos above and the Earth below. Environments that are enlivening typically host some element or elements that actively mediate the vertical flow between the cosmos and Earth. For example, mountains, oceans, dolphins, fairies, trees and ancient stone monoliths.

Nature naturally synthesizes the horizontal and vertical flows. Where Nature is absent or minimized, the horizontal energies tend to build up debris and stagnate. Traditional spiritual approaches to facilitating the cleansing of horizontal energies and infusion of fresh cosmic and Earth energies are candles, incense, smudge, plants, animals, children, flowers, feathers, fountains, people who consciously work energy, and crystals!

Crystals channel, amplify and reflect pure cosmic and Earth energies as light. Stones have a denser lattice and capture these energies in slower moving frequencies. Crystals are formed within the flesh of our Earth. The native vibration of a crystal and stone is influenced by the matrix, mineral type, family, formation and geographic origin. Some stones, for example moqui marbles, however a stone found along a wilderness trail may also offer this, resonate with the heartbeat of the Earth, inviting you to connect and commune with Earth through this rhythm.

Why Clean your Crystals

A crystal's native and tuned vibrations influence the light as it passes through the crystal form. A crystal in our aura can imbue our aura with its resonance or absorb and transform certain energies. A crystal in a room, will uplift the energy of the space with its light as well as protect the space from discordant energies by absorbing and transforming, or repelling unwelcome energies.

Light passing through the crystal picks up and carries the energies encountered into the body of the stone. Within the crystal matrix, the energy is transformed. Left to its own devices crystals and stones will eventually cleanse and recharge. However this takes time. If a crystal or stone is used on a regular basis to manage, absorb, transform, or cleanse energies, without sufficient intervals to cleanse itself naturally, it will build up psychic debris. Over a period of continued use, without cleansing, the stone will become saturated.

If a stone is "contaminated", light and energy passing through it will carry this contaminant into the very same flow you intended this crystal or stone to cleanse and enlighten. For this reason, it is important to cleanse and recharge companion crystals, crystals you use to hold space in a room, crystals you work with in meditation and self-healing, and crystals used in the healing of others, on a periodic basis.

Minerals may be tuned to enhance their vibration, or programmed to introduce a vibration, to benefit the purpose the stone is intended to serve. The same natural dynamic, of energy passing through the molecular lattice of the crystal or stone, will carry this resonance into the surrounding environment or into the energy field of the person working with or receiving a healing from the stone.

Crystal Care: Four Easy Steps

Caring for your crystals is easy and fun. Just follow these four simple steps:
  • Cleansing clears foreign energies and built-up toxins from the crystal matrix.
  • Recharging restores the energy levels within the crystal.
  • Activating increases sources of energy and light accessed by the crystal.
  • Dedicating your crystal is the final step of defining your intention for what you want to co-create.

Cleansing and recharging are steps you'll want to repeat periodically. You'll activate and dedicate your stone when you first receive it.

When to Cleanse Crystals

I recommend that you cleanse new crystals before you begin working with them. Crystals absorb ambient vibrations from their surroundings and the people they come into contact with. Crystals generously donate their energy to foster healing, love and light. Drained crystals are particularly vulnerable to stress when exposed to dense energy or a toxic environment.

The crystals in your care are ready to be cleansed when:

  • This is a new crystal you just brought home.
  • The luster of a crystal or gemstone has dulled.
  • You are suddenly repelled by a stone.
  • A crystal or gemstone cracks spontaneously (be sure to recharge this stone after cleansing).
  • Following healing and laying-on sessions, any type of group channeling, or handling by other people.
  • Exposure to heavy or undesirable energy, such as illness, worry, depression or conflict.
  • After your family visits for the holidays (or any extended gathering where energy built up).
  • You can't remember the last time you cleansed it!

The frequency of cleaning depends upon how you're working with your crystals, and the environment in which they live. If you're facilitating healings for other people with your crystals, you'll want to cleanse and recharge them after each session. If your crystals help you manage energy in a space, such as your office, give your office crystal the weekend off, take it home and treat it a day at the spa for a job well done.

Perhaps one of your crystals attracted someone's attention. This person asked to hold it and you said yes. Moments later you're witness to your crystal facilitating a healing for this individual. Your crystal may absorb energy from this transaction and this energy may not be in harmony with you and what you want to co-create. Alternatively, someone may handle your stones without your knowledge, leaving a deposit which you sense the next time you work with your stone. In either case, treat your crystals to a cleansing.

I've heard the opinion that one should never allow anyone else to come into contact with their personal stones. This is too absolute for me. I take sharing on a case by case basis. When it comes to sharing your personal crystals, allow your intuition to be your guide.

If you're using your crystals for healing and meditation, you'll notice that your desire to work with certain stones changes from time to time. You'll lay a crystal aside for a time moving on to work with another. You may come across a crystal or stone you once worked with regularly and now find it unappealing. You may even feel repelled by it. Perhaps it's transforming an energy you placed in it long ago. If you no longer want this energy in your environment, cleanse and recharge your crystal to bring it into present time.

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How to Cleanse your Crystals

Crystals, gemstones, and minerals can be cleansed by several easy methods. Use your awareness to guide you in selecting the depth, method, and duration of cleansing. Combine and repeat techniques until you're satisfied.

If your crystal is a devic temple or fairy crystal, you may wish to consult with the beings in the crystal first and together select the cleansing technique.

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How to Recharge your Crystals

As crystals absorb and transform energies to infuse light and defuse negativity, their energy levels may be depleted. Recharge your crystals, gemstones and minerals with fresh energy from a "vertical" source to replenish and restore their light matrix.

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How to Activate your Crystals

Activating your crystal increases your crystal's capacity for energy and light. When you activate your crystal, you open dormant areas of the crystal's energetic matrix and increase the light spectrum your crystal accesses.

As you utilize the techniques for activation, engage your ability to visualize the pathways of energy flowing into your crystal, then, with you intention focused on activation, see existing channels increase in capacity and new channels appear. If you have techniques that you use in meditation or higher-dimensional entities that you contact, call upon these to activate your crystal.

Many of the recharging techniques can also be used for activation. For example, sunlight, moonlight, crystal layouts, energy, and lightning. However, I feel that one of the finest catalysts for crystal activation is you!

You'll most likely activate the majority of your crystals at home. However, when you have the opportunity, take your crystal on your special journeys with you, to vortices, power points, sacred locations and special events such as lunar or solar eclipses, or spiritual gatherings, to activate new levels of light in your crystal's energy matrix.

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How to Dedicate your Crystals

Dedicating your crystal is a simple process that requires only a few quiet moments and defines your intention for co-creation. Your intention, during the dedication, describes to your crystal how you want it to work with you and sets the crystal's light vibration in harmony with your intentions.

Awareness is the key. Visualize the idea of "love, light, and for the good of all" as part of your activation. Doing so will neutralize any subconscious vibrations that could influence this process.

Focus on the positive as you bond with your crystal. For example, "I affirm abundance and prosperity for myself and all beings." Or "I am ever protected by the Light. Good comes to me and good comes from me."

Adapt your affirmation for dedicating a crystal for an altar, space, communal area, garden or home. For example, "This home is ever protected by the Light. Good comes to our home and good comes from our home".

Visualize "vertical" energies from the cosmos and the Earth "beaming" into your stones when you dedicate them. You may also work with a particular type of light, for example, gold light, clear light, or Reiki energy. Gold light is a divine creative energy that's wonderful for dedicating stones because it is in harmony with the spirit in the body (the divine human) and awakens the subtle healing powers of compassion within the crystal you are dedicating.

If you have a specific job in mind for your crystal and you'd like to program this mission into the crystal, begin your dedication ceremony with your intentions identified clearly to yourself. Ask the Universe to bless the mission for which you are dedicating your crystal. Once you feel in harmony with your defined intentions, follow the steps below.

Begin your dedication by cleansing, recharging and activating your crystal. When you are ready to sit down with your crystal, choose a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. Close your eyes & breathe. Center your energy and allow your attention to follow. Hold your crystal in your hands. Repeat your intention to yourself until you are clear. Project the thought of this intention into the crystal. If the crystal has a primary transmitter (3-sided) or channeling (7-sided) face, direct your attention to one of these faces. Repeat your conscious intention three times. Your crystal is now dedicated!

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Updated June 21, 2023
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